Giclee and Harman Gloss B/W Artist Prints are limited to 25 pieces each. Then the Negative is burned, Image file deleted and the Printer shot. Certificate of Authenticity included with purchase. 

Matted and Framed using acid-free archival materials, behind UV protective glass, and wired to hang.  Just find a nail in a wall in need of artist erotica and add some noir to your world.  Each  print averages about 14" x 16" in size and   framed pieces average 18" x 20" 

Each framed print is currently priced at $150.00*when purchased online.  The price includes shipping to the lower 48. For shipping rates outside the continental US, drop me a message on the contact page. 

For Payment, I like PayPal. If you don't like PayPal, you can mail a check or leave a wad of bills stuffed into an envelope at a predetermined drop.


* Excluding prints with specific pricing listed in the description of the piece. 


DamselNoir - A Proper Pinup
A Proper Pinup
150 USD
DamselNoir - Bait for the Hero
Bait for the Hero
150 USD
DamselNoir - Edge Play
Edge Play
150 USD
DamselNoir - Footsteps approach
Footsteps approach
150 USD
DamselNoir - Lace Web
Lace Web
150 USD
DamselNoir - Mr Whites Office Sofa
Mr Whites Office Sofa
150 USD
DamselNoir - Parachute Silk
Parachute Silk
150 USD
DamselNoir - Rebecca Silk Seams
Rebecca Silk Seams
150 USD
DamselNoir - The Allure
The Allure
150 USD
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